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Upclose with the Reddy Sisters

Hello, lovely famous Reddy Sisters! We are so pleased to have you with us on GO! Dubai. Rithika, Pooja, Neha Reddy; tell us about yourselves and how you all started this beautiful journey. 

Neha Reddy; @thereddysisterss was founded by us 3 Dubai based sisters who were raised here in Dubai and have lived here all our lives. We started in 2012 when there weren’t more than 10 influencers in Dubai. We quickly gained an audience with our fashion and lifestyle choices, tips, & reviews. We are now well known in the PR world and have made a brand name for ourselves, by working with brands like Pantene, Kiko Milano, Braun and Malabar gold & diamonds to name a few.

Tell us more about your love for Dubai

Rithika Reddy; We absolutely love Dubai for its safety, limitless options for beautiful cuisines, dineouts, spas and staycation options. We love the Japanese Cuisine & love trying out new places all the time. It’s also a pleasure sharing our authentic experiences with our beloved audience.

What is your main focus on your Instagram platform?

Pooja Reddy; We started off as fashion influencers, but a few years later moved to beauty and lifestyle too. We love showcasing our looks to our followers who are more like family to us now, and we love recommending new restaurants to dine at, we always give our honest opinions!

Here are top 5 restaurants to visit this summer:

  1. Katsuya
  2. Amazonico 
  3. Lucia’s 
  4. ULA
  5. TJs

Find out more about the Reddy Sisters by visiting their IG: @thereddysisterss, Facebook; the Reddy Sisterss

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