Our Favourite Influencers

1. The Reddy Sisters thereddysisterss Rithika, Pooja, Neha Reddy have been a part of the fashion and lifestyle scene since 2012. Read more: Up close with the Reddy Sisters 2. Hania Ahmed dubaiholics An inspirational Social Media Influencer started her IG @dubaiholics 2018 & has never looked back since. Read more: Hania Ahmed: “Dubai has […]

Why sitting too much isn’t good for you

Fitness Trainer Bernard Ghorra shares his thoughts on work and sitting too much. Many people spend the majority of their day sitting down as they tend to sit when commuting, working in an office or studying, and relaxing at home. Prolonged sitting can cause a range of adverse health effects, including bad posture and back […]

Exclusive Wellness tips from Marcelino Gebrayel

Hi all! So how can I achieve a strong attitude and mindset, hardwired to conquer my ultimate dreams in the phenomenal city of Dubai?! Despite the hard-core competition, the dynamic multicultural diversity and communication competency, I am about to give you some invaluable tips to always be on top of your game with acing colors […]