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Sheron’s 5 Dubai Musts

Radio star Sheron Nanayakkara Loftus reveals her top 5 picks of things to do and see in Dubai.


At the Top Burj Khalifa and the dancing fountain. I was in awe the first time i saw it and my most memorable when they paid tribute to Whitney Houston and played “I will always love you”. It was beautiful.


If you are a thrill seeker like me, the skydive. It was at the top if my bucketlist and I finally ticked it off this year. I can´t describe what I was feeling during the free fall, but it was amazing and the views from up there are just breathtaking. No picture will do justice.


Brunch! No-one does brunch like Dubai. It definitely is an experience unique to us. 


Dubai Mall, you can’t come to Dubai and not shop in the biggest mall in the world. They even have little cocoons to sleep in when you get tired. Walk along the Downtown streets, always lit up and so pretty with loads of restaurants and cafes to choose from. 


Taking a walk around old Dubai along the creek, Dubai museum and a traditional dhow boat ride along the creek. Away from all the glitz and glamour it gives you a glimpse of what Dubai was like many years ago.

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