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Reem Al Kaabi: ‘I love all of Dubai, the old and the new’

A talented soul loving and having lived in UAE all her life, belonging originally from Iraq & India, influencer Reem Al Kaabi shares her gorgeous story.

Do you prefer Dubai as the best city to live in compared to the rest of the places?

“Since I was born and raised in the UAE, Dubai is a place I call ‘home’, I consider this country to be my first country and not my second. In my opinion, Dubai is the best city to live in compared to other major cities, rated on top of the world’s safest cities, and with countless tourist attractions, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else! 

What skills does women in today’s environment require to cope effectively with the challenging corporate world, balancing family life and maintaining overall self-calmness with being so beautiful like yourself?

“In today’s society and environment, I think women need many unique warrior skills to lead successful personal and professional lives. Self-confidence is being top thing women should possess nowadays. Always to remember never to compare themselves to others, especially those on social media who only show their best features. Everyone should feel beauty skin deep, be original & learn to start from within; which eventually attracts the outside.

Communication and self-control is like ammunition or warrior skills women need to arm themselves with. As women, we tend to be more emotional and should learn not to react, while using our mind rationally. Also to listen more is an art which helps develop our personality profoundly.”

“Be real and true to yourself by learning how to say NO. The ability to say NO gives us the power to protect our priorities. Do not shy away from standing up for what you want in life, stop trying to please others and start pleasing yourself first and seek no one’s approval.

Find yourself and hold on to that person. We often lose our authentic selves in the process of being over infatuated with the glitz and glamour; not saying to avoid but to find the perfect balance.”

Reems favourite…


“As a mixed-race gal, I love Indian food and Asian food like, a lot! When It comes to Indian food, I liked Rang Mahal at JW Marriott and Bombay Bungalow at The Beach Mall, JBR Walk Dubai.

When it comes to Asian food, I can easily say all Asian restaurants are my favourite, for example really like Asia Asia and Amazonia at Pier 7 Dubai Marina Mall. 

Another favourite Asian dining is indeed Summer Place Restaurant situated at the 31st floor V Hotel and oh, let’s not forget stunning Nonya Restaurant on the 44th floor at Taj Jumeirah Lakes Towers; you can check their Saturday Brunch that is managed by Secret Parties. Trust me, you will love it!”



“I love all of Dubai, the old and the new! They honestly made it in such a way that wherever you go, you have something different to experience! While it’s almost impossible to have one favourite attraction in a city with numerous points of interest, honestly I love Bluewater’s, JBR, and Mina Al Salam. However, Madinat Jumeirah is my favourite, old school.”



“I’ve tried the age-old Turkish bathing tradition at Talisa Ottoman Spa at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, it is certainly one of a kind. I have also been to and loved the Go Deep and reset massage at Away Spa, W Hotel – the Palm. My favourite Spa is without a doubt Amara Spa, Park Hyatt Dubai. You can experience the private poolside cabanas that are surrounded by palm trees, it is a must-try!”


…best city to live after Dubai:

“As I’ve mentioned earlier, Dubai is one of the best cities in the world, it is hard to find a place with such unique architecture, amazing multicultural environment and outstanding tourist attractions. I will always live here with my husband, and we plan on retiring here.

However, If I had to make a choice; I think I would consider moving to Bali! It’s an Island Paradise! It is affordable, the nightlife is great and the locals are very friendly. It may not be one of the top ten cheapest locations in the world, but it’s certainly number eleven.”

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