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Our Favourite Inspiring Souls

Often times many people revel in their head dreaming visions and not manifesting into authentic reality. This accomplishment comes with consistent hard work and never overnight. It deems perseverance, uncomfortable working hours, deafening the naysayers and keep climbing from one mountain peak to another high. It’s enticing to journal some inspirational journeys for our savvy readers. Here you GO!

1. Dariush Soudi

The most profound and inspiring dynamic personality, Dariush who enables people to set highest standards for themselves in their life, business and manifesting their dreams.

Dariush is larger than life & personifies the beautiful most powerful image of how each one of us as individuals should set their life to truest form of real success. Valuing time as an irreplaceable asset, how important it is to reset our brains to focus on living their best life. Dariush emphasizes on our unlimited growth potential which is untapped & hidden.

He has formed unique great entrepreneurship Gladiator Mastery sessions that can enable individuals to become undisputed leaders in their line of work & life.

Stay tuned for more of his events happening live on 8th Oct 2022 at World Trade Center Dubai.

2. Chef Vineet

The fabulous Michelin Star Chef Ambassador, TV celebrity and author.

3. Zeynab El Helw

The absolute beautiful gorgeous model, entrepreneur in the fashion & beauty world. UNHCR supporter, mum and founder of Reborn Society.

Zeynab is an inspirational personality who has made glorious contribution to the fashion world. She is based in Dubai and has over 10 years of experience in the fashion industry and sought after partnerships for luxurious fashion brands from all over the world. Zeynab continues to reap great success & achievements in her professional & entrepreneurship world.

4. Mind 2 Mind

5. Ryan Poerner

Youngest Achiever Award winner.

6. AskWho

This location based social media group app was launched to help its users make meaningful connections with like-minded individuals. It invites users to join localised group discussion pages that focuses on interests as fitness, outdoors, art, lifestyle, travel and wellness within a certain city.

7. Efzin – Exotic Greek Chef

Fine private dining restaurant created by chef Sperxos, using all organic traditional Greek ingredients. Award winning chef has combined food & Art along with collection of NFTs.

8. Hamoody Bamby – UAE Rugby pride

Public figure,Dubai TV, Rugby. Emirati star studded Instagram celebrity is a well known influencer who has amassed over 400K followers. Trending celeb who entices audience at various travel, fitness, eateries platform. Also runs the famous @bamby.barbers on Jumeirah street, Dubai.

9. Stephanie Robert – Author & wellness coach

Stephanie Robert is mindfulness/Reiki/Cert EFT/Holistic Coach. Inspirational soul who also @emirateslitfest created fabulous energy.

10. Marcelino Gebrayel – Public Figure; Life, Executive & Corporate Coach; Master Fitness Trainer

Distinguished Marcelino has brought together all areas of expertise, developing one-of-a-kind holistic & wellness programs that integrate the mind, body & soul. Enticing his audience with workshops on the power thoughts have in manifestation, he thrives on helping others achieve & sustain the life of their dreams. Stay tuned for his dynamic fitness & coaching transformational programs.

Go Wellness Retreat with Marcelino:

Go! Dubai proudly announces the Wellness Retreat with Marcelino Gebrayel at the Palm Retreat on Sep 24 2022. Get ready to reset your wellness performance to peak by joining our special one of a kind full day retreat.

Exclusive content for Go! Magazine:

Marcelino Gebrayel’s 4 steps to Wellness

11. Samy Elbanna – Digital click

Social media agency with a powerhouse team of professional photographers, writers, influencers & designers to upscale businesses.

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