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Hania Ahmed: “Dubai has become a model city”

Hania Ahmed moved to Dubai in 2016 and instantly fell in love with the place.

“In the past few years Dubai has become a model city in terms of providing residence with high living standards, i.e. education, facilities, entertainment & most importantly security. It is one of the safest cities in the world and this is why it has led many expats to come and settle here.”

The best part for Hania Ahmed living in Dubai is having the opportunity to explore a variety of cuisines. Being a foodie, Dubai has been a food haven for her.

“As I was exploring different places to dine out and various tourist attractions, I felt the desire to share my experiences with others. I created the Instagram account @dubaiholics in 2018 for the love of the city, I wanted the world to see Dubai through my eyes.”

Today, Hania has reviewed over 500 restaurants in the UAE and she’s had a unique experience at each one of them.

“If you are a food enthusiast, you should come to Dubai where food scene is constantly booming and thriving with new exciting restaurants opening up including big international chains. Street food to Fine dining, Asian to Lebanese – here you can explore range of international cuisines with authentic taste.”

Hania Ahmed has supported and promoted many local businesses on her platform @dubaiholics. She wishes to do that in more constructive manner and she plays her part in the growth of Dubai tourism.

“The world needs to know more about Dubai and its hidden gems from the perspective of its residents.”

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