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City life is awesome – but every once in a while you really long for some quiet, peaceful surroundings. GO! DUBAI knows exactly where you should be headed to maximize your experience.

1. Zabeel Park

A major home to Dubai tourist attractions, spanning 51 hectares in central Dubai. It includes a dinosaur park with complete animatronic dinosaurs models with a small dinosaur museum to attract the younger ones which glows vibrantly in the evening.

2. Al Qudra Lakes

Enjoy outdoor to unwind and connect to natural sand dune experience at Al Qudra lakes. The best part is that mainlanders can access this within 30 mins to view the impressive skyline, waterfront views of the beautiful desert. Cycling track is available for the hopeless adventurers and to view the native birds and many exotic species listed in the endangered list like Steppe Eagle and Asian Houbara. Facility of camping is also extended to those campers who wish to experience the night euphoria of sleeping under the stars.

3. Rove La Mer Beach

Dubai’s eclectic Arabian gulf beach promenade is a destination for shopping, dining & beach front adventure packed activities all under one platform. Stretches across 1.3 million sq ft area. Often called Beverly Hills of Dubai.

4. Burj Park

This is centered in the heart of Dubai with World’s Biggest Dubai Mall, Dubai Opera and Burj Khalifa as its towering neighbors. Over here one can also experience the best fountain displays shooting upto 50 stories high.

5. Dubai Miracle Garden

This massive floral garden covers an area of 72,000 sq meters with over 150 million blooming flower displays. It also regularly hosts popular events and entertainment features. Location: Al Barsha South

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