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Grand Finale of Expo 2022

The greatest show of the middle east comprising of 192 magnificent pavilions will gracefully have the final curtains drawn on 31st March 2022.

Having overwhelming 6 months of over 30,000 fabulous events ranging from Coldplay to AR Rahman, countless display of fireworks, breathtaking international conferences, musical displays and unique eateries linking to every culture will end on a gorgeous high note.

March 31st 2022 is expected to be an exceptionally busy day with visitors gathering from dawn to witness the remarkable closing celebrations being held. It will be commemorated with grand UAE Airforce painting the skies with breathtaking colors of the UAE flag, followed by grandeur display of extravagant fireworks from different locations and A-list artists; Christina Aguilera, Nora Jones, YoYo Ma, Tiesto, Yasmina Sabbah performing live on stage.

Historic day will continue celebrations through out the night with live videos displayed over 20 giant screens enabling all the visitors to enthrall in the magical ambiance. Sheikh Nahayan UAE Minsiter will hand the BIE Flag to Ambassador Jai-chul Choi President of General Assembly who will present it to representatives of Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai.

With over 20 million visitors to experience Dubai Expo 2022 marks an amazing achievement of bringing the world together in the UAE despite the challenges of the pandemic.

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