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Exclusive Wellness tips from Marcelino Gebrayel

Hi all!

So how can I achieve a strong attitude and mindset, hardwired to conquer my ultimate dreams in the phenomenal city of Dubai?! Despite the hard-core competition, the dynamic multicultural diversity and communication competency, I am about to give you some invaluable tips to always be on top of your game with acing colors no matter where you are. Believe me when I say, your vision can transform your life – if you let it.


Step Number 1: Create Your Goals

You see, you cannot manage or improve something you cannot measure. So, set that target, at first focusing on something that has to do with your career. Next, take things further and pivot onto your overall wellness and well-being to help align your focus and promote a sense of self-mastery. Remember, when setting your goals, pick something you are truly passionate about – something you really, really want, and you most definitely will find yourself driven to make it happen.


Step Number 2: Create and Implement Daily Rituals

When you integrate daily rituals into your life and repeat them, they become a habit. They become imbedded into your daily routine. This will guide your focus and initiate a sustainable momentum. Examples of rituals can be anything from going to the gym and meditation activities, to what nutritional diets we choose follow.


Step Number 3: Discover Your Purpose and Align It with Your Goals and Rituals

While conquering your goals, you will discover your purpose. The secret is to align that purpose with your goals and rituals for an ultimate state of self-actualization and for giving your focused vision meaning.

Dubai is a busy and tempting city and so it is easy to deviate from your goals, but only you can determine the way you want your life to go. Writing down your goals on a whiteboard somewhere visually accessible to you can be a self-reminder if things start to move off course. Sometimes, it’s okay to encounter a few setbacks. The most crucial factor is to maintain this momentum that you have established – these rituals that you have created and will keep you moving at least 90% in the direction of your goals.


Step Number 4: Keep Your Eye On The Prize

Most importantly, never ever forget why you are doing this. What is your legacy? It can be absolutely anything – the sky is your limit. Focus on that, and I guarantee, nothing can get in your way.

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