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Chef Vineet: “Every project is close to my heart”

Chef Vineet, it’s an absolute pleasure to connect with you. Your journey is undoubtedly beautiful, as we witness you showcase stunning plates of modern, traditional spicy & colorful delicacies of Indian cuisine around the globe.

GO! readers will love to know more about your wonderful experience in the events & culinary industry. How you began your story, what made you choose this line of work, what is your biggest key secret to success in life.

“Thank you, well I was born in India and got the inspiration from my mother who was a fantastic cook. Also the wonderful privilege of being from Mumbai as you are influenced from culinary delights from all different regions from India. But being in my teens, I was hopelessly infatuated with flying planes & wanted to join the air force. When that plan didn’t materialize, I diverted myself to cooking! After going to catering college I was part of the prestigious Oberoi Hotel. After spending some years I was not happy with the lack of freedom and decided to go to UK in 1993. In UK I reveled in making absolute revolutionary dishes which made me receive the prestigious Michelin award. This was one of the finest accomplishments.”

“In 2004 with my wife I decided to open my very own restaurant Rasoi which became included in the top 25 restaurants in the UK. I am very proud to introduce British produce that we use for our dishes. The taste of the UK homegrown products are fantastic in taste and breed. Soon we expanded our empire to Moscow, Mauritius, Geneva & Dubai. I was second best British Chef after Gordon Ramsey to be awarded Michelin stars in more than one country.”

Which projects you feel very deeply connected to?

“Honestly, every project is close to my heart and is manifested to becoming the very best, sole reason being my intricate focus on training my staff , unrelenting pursuit to spark the passion in my beloved team. Also I would take this opportunity to giving full credits to my wonderful inspiring wife, my team mate who is my muse.”

“I very proudly want to talk about Indego at Grosvenor House Dubai to be a muse for restaurants around the world. Like I say from London is where I made a name for myself and Dubai is where I truly express myself. Indego is over 16 years established with a complete new launch of the flavors and loyal brigade of top chefs making it an absolute wonderful experience for all our loyal customers. I also feel privileged to be handle the catering of British Airways and Qatar Airways. At least my passion for flying was fulfilled in this beautiful manner. I have been doing many prestigious bespoke projects for instance for the Dubai Expo event & many more.”

“I can proudly say that I have been contributing wonderfully in the culinary world and making marks in the industry. Being on Netflix as a judge & the final Table, being judge-host on Masterchef India, being an author, having 11 restaurants including dining hall in Harrods, all these highlight & personify my passion as a culinary ambassador and there is much more exciting projects soon to be coming.”

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